The People Behind "Connected for Future"



I am Anna  and I am a senior student at a German High School based in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Finding Erasmus+ in 2016 was a life-changing experience. Seeing firsthand how insufficient formal education could be for preparing youngsters for life outside of school, I made personal and youth development a goal of mine.
Now, with after over 10 Erasmus+ projects behind my back and the establishment of an NGO dedicated to empowering the generation of today, achieving my goal has never been closer.



I am Ani Dekova and I am studying Business informatics in Munich, Germany.
Since I started travelling with Erasmus+, I had the dream one day to create my own NGO, so that more people can experience the magic of travelling, meeting youngsters from all over the world and working together for a better future. That’s why helping people with fewer opportunities is one of the main aims of Connected for future.
The cause of Connected for future is really special for me and I put my heart and soul into it.


My name is Kalina and I study Management and Technology in Munich, Germany. I am co-founder and project manager at Connected for Future. I conceptualize, prepare and implement youth projects and work with participants with different socioeconomic backgrounds under the framework of the Erasmus+ program. I do what I do because I believe all children and young adults deserve to have equal opportunities in terms of education, skill-development, mentoring, mobility and developmental resources in general. I believe peer-to-peer-education is among the most powerful tools we have in society.